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Различные виды увлечений и хобби (русско-англ.)

Шаблоны для построения фраз

  • I like drawing.
  • I love reading.
  • I like travelling.
  • I am interested in in music, art. (Я интересуюсь музыкой, искусством)
  • My interests include reading, cinema. (Мои интересы включают чтение, кино)
  • I am fond of horses. (Я люблю лошадей)
  • I enjoy gardening. (Мне доставляет удовольствие заниматься садоводством)
  • I am crazy about skateboarding. (Я помешана на скейтборде)
  • I prefer active rest: tennis, swimming. (Я предпочитаю активный отдых: теннис, плавание)
  • I adore visiting museums. (Я обожаю ходить в музеи)

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Примеры построения фраз

  • I like sport: tennis, aerobic, swimming. I play the piano (guitar). I am interested in art.
  • I love music, dancing, movies (кино), pets (домашних животных). I like to read (читать), travelling (путешествия).
  • I like nature and animals (природу и животных). I like cooking very much (я очень люблю готовить).
  • My interests include (мои интересы включают) skiing (лыжи), walking (прогулки), reading, travel, computers, museums (музеи), art galleries (галереи искусств), music, culture (культура), history (история), art (искуство), gardening (садоводство), dogs (собаки).

Словарь: описание увлечений, интересов, хобби, любимых или привычных занятий

Некоторые виды увлечений, интересов

  • Popular Music - популярная музыка
  • Classical music - классическая музыка
  • Movies - кино
  • Theater - театр
  • Dancing - танцы
  • Sports - спорт
  • Occult / UFO - оккультизм, НЛО
  • Animals - животные
  • Fine Art - искусство
  • Politics - политика
  • Business / Finance - бизнес и финансы
  • Science / Technology - наука и технологии
  • Health / Fitness - здоровый образ жизни, фитнес
  • Auto - автомобили
  • Fashion - мода
  • Gaming - игры, а также деловые игры
  • Cooking - кулинария
  • Basketball - баскетбол
  • Football - футбол
  • Tennis - теннис
  • Astrology - астрология
  • Playing cards - играть в карты
  • Playing an instrument - играть на музыкальных инструментах
  • Reading - чтение
  • Chess - шахматы
  • Shopping - люблю побродить по магазинам
  • TV - телевидение
  • Traveling - путешествовать
  • Словарь: описание увлечений, интересов, хобби, любимых или привычных занятий


I enjoy horror movies and books especially Stephen King. I love tenpin bowling, playing darts, watching ice hockey, swimming, and attempting to line dance! Ideally for home entertainment love to challenge on the playstaion, cards, over a few beers! Out and about dancing, being wined and dined socialising with friends, going to giggs(varied tastes).

Who am I? Well that's simple I love the arts - music, theatre, museums and I also love to dance and keep myself fit so that I can do. I love to be at one with nature walking in the countryside where I do most of my thinking. To sum myself up - I love all beautiful things whatever that may mean.

I enjoy all sports associated with water - skiing, sailing, diving, snorkelling (in warm waters). I am extensively travelled but not too jet lagged to try far flung destinations with the right man. Classic cars are a bit of a passion (yes, I'm probably a bit of an anorak).
Snow skiing in the French Alps is a must annual holiday for me - I am prepared to teach a 'first-timer'. I love cooking and entertaining - especially on warm summer evenings having dinner outdoors or even in the garden is my ideal summer occupation. All aspects of art and music interest me from Proms in the Park to The Waterboys, 18th century prints are a favourite along with pen and ink drawings - all of which I scour antique shops looking for a bargain - hate to pay real price for anything. Going out to the theatre, ballet or opera is another of my interests and am as happy in a posh frock as in a scruffy t-shirt and jeans painting my garden railings....

I love socialising, going out for meals, drinking, travelling, or quiet nights in with a good film snuggled up on the couch - preferably not on my own.

My interest cultivation of flowers, design of wear, swimming.

My interests are very different. There are many things I would like to deal with. I like reading and watching good films, as well as opera and jazz. I am extremely fond of dancing, painting and art. I like acute senses and beauty of nature, communication and travelling.

I like cooking, reading and travelling very much. I have visited already some countries, but I hope to visit much more. I adore cars and driving, long walks with my friend and of course, music (guitar, piano, syntesateur etc)

I like nature, animals,especially dogs and horses. I like aguarium and aquarium fishes. I like sports. I go in for shaping. I like to go for a walk, to go fishing and travelling. Also I like to communicate with my friends and my children. I read books and sometimes I go to the theatre.

I like driving and dancing. I go to featness-club, study foreigns languages.

I am fond of reading books, sport, traveling. I speak English not very good but I try to go my best. I enjoy to spend my free time with my daughter, son we have a lot in common.

I love nature, pets, culture, movies, music, romantic walks with beloved man, evenings with candle light,beautiful sex with my beloved man.... During my free time I like go outdoors, reading, to listen to classic and modern music,to decorate my home and to dream, may be,about beautiful romance WITH YOU?!

In my free time I like to paint, to compose some music and of course to know more interesting things. Also I like to travel but not all my life and with the person who will be my second part. And I like to spend the time on nature, because most time I spend with computer (as a programmer)

I love go to the movies, theatres, concerts, art museums. I enjoy nature and going to the camping, hiking, travel, sport. I like moonlight walks, candle light dinners.

I like new meetings, wild nature walking, dancing. I love to travel very much, I love to feel the another's countries and cities, I like a sea, wind and surf, stars, sky, yet all will not list. I have a good sense of humor. I like fashion, arts, design, movie, cooking, sports, learning something new. I enjoy Life.

I like LOTS of things - I like to socialize as it helps me to understand life and other people better, I like travelling as it broads my outlook, I like kind and sincere people, animals, different types of music, sinema , theatre, watching sporting events. I love spending time with small children and I'm interested in psychology.

My sphere of interests is rather wide, I like reading, watching good films, music, dancing, travelling and nature.I am fond of cooking and I am going for sport: aerobics, swimming and others.

I think that some featers are not so important, the most important is the person, individual with his nature & soul. We all have merits & demerits & haven`t the right to judge. I don`t like only lie & betrayal.

I like swimming in the sea, dansing. Fond of classic music, jass (live sax and piano), rock, ballet, arts, travelling. Have great interest to eastern phylosophy, so want to visit Tibetan monastery.

I go in for sports (jogging, mountain climbing, shooting...), learn languages, love to explore culture and history of other countries, good literature, movies, rock'n'roll, blues.I like all kinds of outdoors.

I am interesting in literature, music, sport, culture of another countries. I like the aeroplanes, sports cars. I am very in realationship. I have many friends. I like to ride very much.The horses are my real passion! I am swimming.I very like to travel.

I like to read, theatres, art. I like to sing and to paint. My favorite sports are ball-room dances, swimming, billiard. I like to travel.

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